Ebook: How to Host a Cookie Decorating Class

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, August 6, 2018

NEW Ebook: How to Host a Cookie Decorating Class

How to Host a Cookie Decorating Class is a 71 page, full-color ebook written by Anne Yorks of Flour Box Bakery.  If you're passionate about cookie decorating, then you may be ready to take the leap into hosting cookie classes. This ebook is a comprehensive resource that will help you select a location, market your class, handle registration and cancellations, communicate with students, set pricing, plan curriculum, prep for class, and prepare for the unexpected. Plus, the resources section of the book includes sample handouts, class emails, sample class outline, and a prep list!

Check out the video overview of the book!

Sections 1-3: Location, Marketing & Registration

In the first three sections, get tips on selecting the right location for your class. Get my tips for free marketing ideas. And, handle class registration like a pro!


Sections 4-6: Communication, Pricing, & Frills

Communication with Students is important to the class experience. Check out sample emails for students. Plus, set your pricing to make your class profitable. And don't for the goodie bag! I'll share my favorite ways to spoil my students and create an unforgettable class experience!

Sections 7-9: Curriculum, Prep, and the Unexpected

Plan for success when it comes to class themes and content. Review a sample class outline and handout. Plus, learn how I set up my workspace and prep for class. Finally, learn from my experience and be prepared for the unexpected and working with different student personalities!

Resources: Sample Emails, Handouts, and Outline

In the Resources Section, I share sample emails, a class outline, sample handouts, my class prep list, and a class planning worksheet!! These resources will set you up for success so you can start teaching your class with confidence!



Happy Teaching!