Five Tips for Decorating MINI Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Mini cookies are everywhere! Probably because making mini cookies is the best!! Check out this tutorial with FIVE tips to maximize the fun with mini cookies! (which means keeping things as easy as possible). 

Check out the video to watch these cookies being decorated! 

Tip #1

Keep all your mini cookies on one tray for baking...they'll bake at the same rate. Don't put a mini next to a regular or large sized cookie. They will overbake!

Tip #2

Keep the designs SIMPLE. Maximize the fun, but minimize the work. Polka dots are a great option on minis!

(Sidenote! These cookies should come with a warning. They are so yummy and fun to pop. You almost can't stop eating them!)

Tip #3

Use tipless bags. Clean up is a cinch! Just pitch em! I like to use 20-sec icing when making minis...it's a medium consistency and you can outline and flood with the same bag! Plus, our tipless bags are BACK IN STOCK - whoop! CLICK AND SHOP!

Tip #4

Accent with Sprinkles. This is sort of a no-brainer since sprinkles make every cookie more fun. But adding a pop of color and texture with sprinkles without have to making more icing is clutch! This Autumn Harvest sprinkle is pretty awesome!

Tip #5

These cookies might be simple, but you can totally make them a showstopper with cute packaging. I love the Drawn By Krista Etsy shop. I buy and print my treat toppers in minutes! CLICK HERE and check out her shop!


COOKIE YIELD: You can basically make 3 minis for every 1 regular sized cookie...so your yield will be TRIPLE for minis! For a single batch of dough I was able to make almost 50 minis from a single batch! I should note that I roll my cookies to 1/4" thick using the Dough EZ Rolling Mat System. The thickness of your cookies will impact your yield.

COOKIE RECIPE: For a cookie recipe and rolling and baking video CLICK HERE - this recipe can be doubled in a KitchenAid Mixer. 


(click on photo to view all MINI cutters): This video features the mini cute apple, mini acorn, mini pumpkin, and mini maple leaf...but Ann Clark just released a bunch of NEW minis! Check em out!



ICING PREP: For a single batch of dough, I typically use a single batch of icing. Since I'm using a KitchenAid mixer, I made a double batch of icing (about 36 oz of icing) and split it in half (reserving half for another project).

This set has 7 colors and I added IVORY to each of them to create a more muted fall tone: I portioned them evenly: Super Red, Sunset Orange, Lemon Yellow, Leaf Green, Sky Blue, Buckeye Brown and Ivory. CLICK HERE to check out all the food gel options in our shop.



ROYAL ICING RECIPE: For a royal icing recipe and video CLICK HERE - this recipe can be doubled in a KitchenAid Mixer.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at making mini cookies! Share YOUR tips below!

I want to see what you make! So be sure to tag @Flourboxbakery on Instagram and Facebook and use #flourboxbakery so I can see what you create!

Happy Decorating!