How to Decorate a Cool Cactus

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Last month, I took a trip to Phoenix, Arizona to visit my college roommate. We toured around the city for a few days and took a day trip to Sedona. I love Arizona! The food was amazing. The weather was gorgeous. And the cacti, they were the cutest!!! I had a blast! To say thank you for my amazing stay, I made these Cool Cactus cookies to send to my friend!

Check out the video tutorial! Use the graphics to learn what tips to use and when to dry the icing. 

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I used the Chefmaster liqua-gel colors to make this set. Here's a list:

- Neon bright green + leaf green to make the base green icing. 
- Leaf green for the squiggly cactus accents.
- A drop of deep pink to make the pink flower.
- And then many drops to make the bright pink sunglasses frame.
- Super black and bright white for the final details

See the full collection of liqua-gel colors - click here

Sooooo, did you notice that adorable pink flower in the video? 

Use tip #129 to create quick and easy drop flowers! Cute flowers shouldn't take more than a second to make! No flower nails or parchment squares for this cutie!

I used royal icing transfers to make the sunglasses. It's just easier than freehanding. I know the hearts will be the same size each time. And I don't typically get cracks or craters in royal icing transfers. Plus, I can save the extras if I want to make a cool cactus in the future. 

First I planned out the size of the hearts. 


Then I copied the hearts a bunch of times so I could make a bunch of cookies. I used a tipless bag to outline and flood the hearts.

Download this heart royal icing pattern sheet to make the sunglasses!

I added the sparkle and shine with the Bright Silver Crystal Color + White Jewel Dust!


This Sugarbelle cutter is my favorite cactus shape. I also used it to make a Christmas Cactus (click here to see the tutorial).

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at the cactus cookie! 


Happy Decorating!