How to Decorate a Donut Cat Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Totally cute and unique, these Donut Cat cookies will delight your party guests. And with only 3 icing colors and a POP from sprinkles, I promise these are easy to make!

It's birthday season in our house. Both of the my girls have birthdays within 2.5 weeks apart. It's a lot of balloons, presents, and of course cookies. And on top of that, this year my youngest daughter's birthday fell on the 2nd day of school. There's just so much going on. It's all exciting stuff, but there are a lot of balls to juggle.

Thankfully, this custom project was made easier by using a cookie cutter. The cat face cutter just happened to be the perfect size and shape for a donut cat!

Let's watch the video to see how this cookie comes together!

Cookie Yield

This is a medium cookie. So for a single batch of dough, you can make 16-18 of these cookies. I should note that I roll my cookies to 1/4" thick using the Dough EZ Rolling Mat System. The thickness of your cookies will impact your yield.

COOKIE RECIPE: For a cookie recipe and rolling and baking video CLICK HERE - this recipe can be doubled in a KitchenAid Mixer. 

Prepping the Royal Icing

ICING Colors

For a single batch of dough, I typically use a single batch of icing. Since I'm using a KitchenAid mixer, I made a double batch of icing and split it in half (reserving half for another project).

These cookies feature 3 icing colors - that makes for a good decorating day IMHO! The main colors are the pastel brown (using Buckeye Brown) and pastel pink (using a teeny tiny dot of deep pink). I used 12 oz of the brown, 5 oz of the pink, and 1 oz of the black. I don't measure exactly...I estimate. For a more detailed look at icing planning, CLICK HERE to read this helpful blog post.


For a royal icing recipe and video CLICK HERE - this recipe can be doubled in a KitchenAid Mixer.


Sprinkles are always fun and made this cookie so easy (much quicker than piping all those sprinkles.) I use the Pastel Party sprinkle set.

Sending these into school was easy with this window box.


Since this project required some late night decorating, I definitely queued up my favorite YouTube channel - Katnipp. She's an illustrator that runs an Etsy store in England and she is so freaking adorable!

I would be so flattered if you would recreate these cookies! Definitely tag me @flourboxbakery or use hashtag #flourboxbakery so I can see what you make!

Happy Decorating!