How to Decorate a LOVE Cookie

Posted by Anne Narber on Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It’s the season of love!  What better way to show it than with this pink polka-dotted LOVE cookie?!


This cutter is one of my favorites! I have used it every Valentine's for as long as I've had it!

And now there is a short video tutorial to show how to decorate it. When I first started making this cookie, I felt like I needed to use a projector to outline. But then I realized that by following the shape of the cutter, I can do this freehand - and it's a lot faster!! I outline this cutter the same way every time. I always start with the L, V, and E...then save the O for last. Watch and see...



Are you new to decorating? Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to make royal icing, piping and flooding, and rolling and baking. Recipes are included in the videos!

On this cookie, the colors I used are Americolor Deep Pink and Bright White.

This is this the LOVE cutter used to create this cookie- 


I have done this one in rainbow colors...


As a wedding favor...



With cute heart cakes...


As a soccer team party favor...


a football tailgate treat ...


And part of a Philly cookie set for a corporate order...


So how will you spread the LOVE this cookie season? Are you looking for MORE Valentine's cookie inspiration? Check out our tutorial page here for tons of fun (FREE) ideas!

Happy Decorating!!



  • Kay

    Mar 05, 2017

    Absolutely beautiful, Anne!

  • Kay

    Mar 05, 2017

    Absolutely beautiful, Anne!

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