How to Decorate a Palette, Paintbrush, and Artist Cookie

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, September 25, 2017


Decorated cookies are edible art, so when my daughter asked for art cookies for her 10th birthday, I was so excited!!

That super cute artist and easel cookie were put on sticks for a cake decoration - 

My daughter invited a few friends for a sleepover and a painting party. Since there weren't a ton of guests, I made each girl their own box of cookies. I was very popular with my daughter's friends :)

Would you like to see a video on how to make the artist, paintbrush and palette? 

Are you new to decorating? Before starting your first project, check out our FREE videos! Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to:

I loved using these new paintbrush and palette cutters designed by Tunde's Creations. They are now available in our online shop.

The wood grain stencil added the perfect background to the palette.

This set was fun! Can you guess what cutter I used to make the artist in beret? 

Yes! It's the Sugarbelle acorn cookie cutter from the 4-cutter Autumn/Halloween set!

I'm also using that cute ghost in an upcoming video tutorial. 

It's silly, but I think my favorite part of this project was making the cookie sticks that went into the individual cookies boxes.

These were super easy to make (quickly) using the Sugarbelle Multi-cutter. Check it out in our shop - click here.

The kids loved seeing their name on a cookie!

And the cookie stick fit perfectly in each box!

In case you're wondering, the sleepover was a raging success! 

The girls painted at the local pottery studio.

Nobody slept much that night. And the girls were up and ready for pancakes bright and early. I'm glad I planning a morning activity...cookie painting. It took just the right amount of time before the parents arrived. For more details on the Cookie Painting projects, check out last week's blog post - click here!

I hope you enjoyed this peek at our birthday celebration! Up next....so many fun Halloween projects!!

Happy Decorating!!