How to Decorate a Santa Penguin

Posted by Anne Narber on Thursday, November 30, 2017

This Santa Penguin is ready to help hang the lights on the tree! Watch the video below to see how to decorate this cookie using the NEW Ann Clark Cute Penguin Cutter. 

And Mr. and Mrs. Clause are made with the same cutter!! I have a video coming soon for them too. <3 

Check out the video and use the graphics to learn when to dry icing and what tips are used. 

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Do you like the rosy cheeks? I like to use the Crystal Color Carnation Pink to make rosy cheeks. It's FDA approved edible and so cute! You can find it in our shop - click here.

I love this cutter so much that I've already used it several times for a few different holiday designs. But, I know this penguin cutter will also be great for winter collections. 

I love working with the team at Ann Clark Cookie Cutters. They make some of my favorite shapes! Recently, I asked the team if they would consider a Cute Penguin design for this holiday season. Within days, the design was created and ready for production! I think they have a few Super Heroes working for them! Days! I love working with a team that is responsive and open to new ideas! And the cutters are the BEST price (only $1.99 in our shop!!!), good quality, and made in the USA! Doesn't get much better than that!!

And this cutter is just so adorable! Here's one more look at the penguin, wearing a cute blue scarf!

I can't wait to see what you make with the new cutter!

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Happy Decorating!