How to Decorate a Wizard Cookie

Posted by Anne Narber on Friday, February 9, 2018

My girls and I just finished reading Harry Potter book 3 and I wanted to make them some really special cookies for Valentine's Day.

I had such a blast making these 'I a-dumbledore you'.

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These are the Chefmaster colors I used in this set: to make the robe and hat color I mixed violet, a tiny dot of black and white. I used fleshtone for the face. And used bright white for the hair/beard and super black for the details. That yellow is a few dots of yellow with white to keep it pale and buttery looking. See the full collection of liqua-gel colors - click here

Can you guess the cutter I used for the wizard? It's the Sugarbelle Ice Cream Cone!

I hope enjoyed this one! Happy Decorating!