How to Decorate Back to School Cookies: Crayon and Apple

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, August 9, 2017

I admit that I'm a little behind on prepping for Back to School. I think I'm just in denial. So it may not surprise you that I kept these cookies ULTRA simple. No time for projectors and fancy piping. I am just going to wow you with SIMPLICITY!

Check out these two tutorials that show how to use a stencil to create an easy, but super cute, crayon cookie. And, I'll also show you some tips on piping text on cookies without using a projector! Let's get started... 

I get lots of questions about piping text on cookies. Since my natural handwriting is like chicken scratch, this is an area of decorating that I 'work' at. 

No projector? No problem? First watch the video, then check out the tips below to get consistently piped cookies.

1. Plan out text. Going in with a plan will help avoid spacing issues. Either print or sketch how the lettering will fit on the cookie.

2. Practice! Slip your sketch under a piece of parchment and practice piping a few times before jumping onto the cookies. This will give you an opportunity to get a feel for how to pipe the letters.

3. Pipe in an assembly line. Repeating the same steps over and over will result in more consistent letters. Plus, with cookies lined up, it is easy to compare to each other to keep letter sizing similar.

4. It's fun to mix fonts, some words in cursive and some in block style letters. When piping smaller cursive words, I like to scale down to a tip #1.5 and use a piping consistency that has some flow. This helps with smooth piping. 

After all that work on the apple cookie, these crayon cookies will be a breeze! These are really great for beginners!

For this design, I used the pencil/crayon from the Sugarbelle Shape Shifters Set. The crayon stencil is part of the Sugarbelle Back to School set. Both are available in our shop - click here to check them out!

The crayon cutter is part of this awesome set -


The apple and crayon stencil is from the Sugarbelle Back to School cutter set.

Looking for ONE MORE fun school cookie idea. Check out this adorable Happy Bus from last year!


Plus, if you look closely in the photo below, you can see how that cute crayon can also be an adorable pencil cookie! 

I hope you give these cookies a try! 

Happy Decorating!