How to Decorate FIVE Unicorn Cookies with Videos!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, May 22, 2017

A dash of magic, a pinch of rainbow confetti, and tons of cookie enchantment ... Unicorn Week at Flour Box Bakery starts NOW with majestic tutorials, a daily deal, and oodles of cookie fun! 🦄🦄  We'll be updating this blog post each day with a new video, so check back for lots of unicorn cookie inspiration! Plus, scroll below to see the cutters and stencils that are featured in these tutorials!  

These magical cookies are decorated with royal icing.

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Recipes are included in the videos!

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Now are you ready for some decorating!???!

Let's kick off the week with a magical Unicorn Cookie tutorial! Use the graphics in the video to learn when to dry icing and what tip sizes are used!

The other videos that will be shared this week are the stenciled unicorn, a unicorn cake, a rainbow cloud with star confetti, and rainbow unicorn poop! 

We'll be using Rainbow Confetti in two of the tutorials. So, check out this video to learn how to make your own Rainbow Confetti using royal icing and a heart and stars stencil. This confetti is fragile, so make extras. Plus, I found that the thicker icing worked best. So keep the icing stiff and apply generously to the stencil for the best results. 

Let the magic of Unicorn week continue with this beautiful rainbow stenciled cookie. Watch and learn how to apply rainbow icing to your scraper to create this multi-colored image! Use tip #13 to add a few colorful rosettes to complete the design!

The unicorn fun continues with an adorable Unicorn Cake Cookie! See how to use rainbow confetti on a cookie design and make perfect eyelashes every time with a stencil!

Where there are unicorns, there are Rainbows with Star Clouds. Check out this colorful and easy accent cookie design that uses the star rainbow confetti! 🌈

Did we save the best for last? I think so. LOL. How about a Smiling Rainbow Unicorn Poop cookie!?!?!

These are the cutters featured in the unicorn tutorials.

I'll be using the rainbow cloud from the Sugarbelle Enchanted Set, the LilaLoa plaque, the Unicorn Head Cutter, the Emoji, and the Unicorn Cake Cutter.

The stencils that are used are the Unicorn Head, and the Unicorn Bundle Set.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorials this week!! 

And remember, always be yourself unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a Unicorn!

Happy Decorating,