How to Decorate Four Christmas Wreaths

Posted by Anne Narber on Monday, December 11, 2017

I love hanging wreaths. Making a wreath tutorial has been on my list for a few years. And I'm so happy I finally made time to do one this year. I had so much fun making these!

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I made four designs. Check out the video tutorial to see how they come together! 

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Let's take a closer look at making these fun cookies. I am using this Ann Clark Wreath cookie cutter, available in our shop for $1.99.

My favorite design of the group was the Joy Wreath. Since Joy is only 3 letters, I decided to freehand it, but you can use a projector if that is easier.

I used the 2 piece wreath stencil from Killer Zebras. This is available in our shop here - click here to view in shop! I airbrushed the twigs and then used icing to stencil the leaves. I love the dimension of this layered approach. Then I add some whimsy berries and a cute bow to finish the design. 

The easiest of the group is the Polka Dot Wreath. This is a wet-on-wet design. While the base green icing is still wet, add dots of icing in an accent color. It's super easy and super cute!

This is another branchy style wreath with a peppermint bow <3 I like this design because it is minimal flooding. So as soon as the branches were piped, I added the bow.

This next wreath doesn't require any flooding either - just piped leaves. I like this version with the alternating colors. This wreath looks impressive, but is so easy to make. 

Use the Wilton Tip #352 to create those quick piped leaves. We carry this tip in our shop - click here.

You can also do it in solid green, too!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I have a few more coming this holiday season!

Happy Decorating!