How to Decorate FOUR Ugly Sweater Cookies

Posted by Anne Narber on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Every holiday season I love to decorate Ugly Sweater cookies. Here’s a new twist on an old favorite. 

Watch the video and learn how to create FOUR unique sweater designs! To create these cookies I used the following Chefmaster colors: Sky Blue, Super Red, Bright White, Super Black, Leaf Green, Neon Green, and Deep Pink. Click here to see all our colors in our shop!

Are you new to decorating? Before starting your first project, check out our FREE videos! Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to:

Let's take a closer look at making these fun cookies. I am using this sweater cookie cutter, available in our shop for $1.99.

On the Christmas lights sweater, I used the neon green Chefmaster airbrush color and the Christmas lights stencil. This design was the quickest and easiest of the four cookies.

My favorite design of the four cookies was the sweater with the scalloped collar. In the video did you notice that I used icing guide dots to help with spacing? I do this all the time to get consistent cookies, and eliminate the use of a projector.


I used the tree from this Christmas four Stencil...

The Rudolph sweater showcases the wet-on-wet technique. While the base blue icing is still wet, the brown for Rudolph's face is added. Then a big red nose is added with a swipe of white for a highlight. 

And finally the v-neck cardigan...do people still wear v-neck cardigans? They should! This cookie features tip #301 (it is a small, flat tip) for the sweater trim. It's like the #44, but mini!

So are you looking for MORE Christmas sweater fun?!?!

Here's a set I did a few years ago! Check out the video. And if you're looking for more details on these sweaters, you can get all the fun details on this blog post - CLICK HERE!

Happy Decorating!!!




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