How to Decorate Galaxy Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, July 30, 2018

In the summer, our family loves to stargaze. There is nothing more magical than a sky full of stars. And it is the perfect inspiration for these galaxy cookies.


I have wanted to explore pouring icing for some time, and this was the perfect project for this technique. I'm using the new hexagon cookie (available in our shop - click here)

This cutter is so cool how the cookies fit together! 

Here are the chefmaster icing colors I used for the project (in tipless bags): Coal Black, Violet, Fuchsia, Royal Blue (dark and pastel shade), Sky Blue, and Bright White.You can check out these food gels here. I put the icing into tipless bags because it was super quick and easy to squeeze the icing in the small measuring cup before pouring the icing.

Watch the video tutorial and then check out a breakdown of each step below.

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Now let's break down the steps of this cookie - 

1. The first thing I did was fill a small measuring cup (shot glass size) with icing. I layered the icing from dark to light, adding about 3/4 tablespoon of black. The rest of the colors are the accent colors and I added a small squeeze. I found about 2 tablespoons of icing (total) was a good amount. 

2. Then I gave the icing a gentle swirl with my thingmagenie tool.

3. I outlined the cookie (this keeps the icing from overflowing and creates a nice clean edge)

4. Now I'm ready to pour. Generally I started in the middle, and worked my way around in the circle. You'll have a little leftover icing in the shotglass, but that is good. It is better to have a little extra than not enough for the pour. Once the icing is poured, I tap and swirl it into place with my scribe tool.

I made 1 1/2 dozen of these cookies and found that I didn't need to clean the shot glass after each cookie, in fact, the leftover icing added to the swirl effect.

5. Tap the icing into place! This is the fun part. It's pretty quick too. Because the icing is in layers, the colors really come to life when you scribe the icing to the edge of the cookie.I swirled and wiggled. There is no wrong way to do this.


6. While the base is still wet, I add the white dots (wet-on-wet technique). The white icing is a flood consistency, so it melts into the base. I used a tip on this bag to have a little more control over the size of the icing dot, but you can also do it tipless. 



7. Then using the point of the tool, I scribed a few of the dots into a star shape.


7. Finally, I add edible jewel dust to add shine to the cookie. I am using the white jewel dust and it adds such a nice glimmer to the surface of the cookie. I used a dust pump to evenly apply the dust.


8. I allow the cookie to dry for an hour or two in front of a fan. Then I can pipe the details. I added lines to create the constellation.

9. And I piped the name of the Zodiac sign. I used a PME tip #1.5 for the lines and text. 

The really neat thing about this pouring technique is that each cookie has it's own unique swirl. I loved all the variations!

I have another really fun NEW technique coming next week. So check back on the blog soon for more cookie fun!

Happy Decorating,