How to Decorate THREE Fancy Cross Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, May 7, 2019

This Fancy Cross Cookie Cutter is so beautiful, that I've created another tutorial to show you how to make THREE different designs perfect for a Baptism, Baby Dedication, or First Holy Communion. 

I love this cross cutter. I had the honor of designing it with the amazing Ann Clark Cookie Cutter team. You can find it in our shop - click here

 And, If this cutter shape looks familiar, you'd be right! 

I made an Easter tutorial with this same cutter using the Scribble Roses Stencil. CLICK HERE to check out the video.

These three new designs were so much fun to make. The details aren't too complicated because the beautiful edge of the cutter already creates a stunning cookie. Take a look at the video to see how I decorate these designs and what tips I use.

This cross is so pretty, but not too complicated.

I love how the drop flowers and mini leaves create a beautiful cluster on the center of the cross.

Check out the video to see how to make those flowers - with a little practice, they are a QUICK flower. I always make extras and store them for future projects!

I almost stopped at the outline!

But I wanted a spring pastel pop of color. Here are the icing colors I used to create these cookies. I'm using the chefmaster georgia peach, royal blue (just a dot for the pastel blue), gold, white, and avocado (for the leaves). See ALL the food gels in shop - CLICK HERE.


With a little practice, text can be handpiped! But, using a projector is certainly helpful. I just showed how I mirror my projector with my ipad in this recent grad cookie tutorial. CLICK HERE - to check it out for extra details. You can find this projector on Amazon - CLICK HERE.

I have used 3 different projectors and this one is my favorite because it syncs with my ipad by bluetooth, making sizing the image super duper easy. 


Materials List


It would make me so happy if you recreated these cookies! Be sure to share photos and tag @flourboxbakery or use the hashtag #flourboxbakery. Happy Decorating!



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