How to Make a Rainbow Birthday cookie set

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, February 23, 2017

I made these cookies for a very special girl. And, you guys, can I tell you these were so much fun to make!! 

This set features the following Americolor gel pastes: Soft Pink, Bright White, Sky blue, Regal Purple, Leaf Green, Lemon Yellow, and Orange. ALL the cutters are from the new LilaLoa cutter set. See our entire LilaLoa product line - click here!

I just love the cake on stand cookie. Here's a video showing how that one comes together.

Are you new to decorating? Click here to check out our 'getting started' tutorials for videos on how to make royal icing, piping and flooding, and rolling and baking. Recipes are included in the videos!

I have such a soft spot for rainbow details. Do you want to know the secret of this cake....

These were made possible courtesy of the PME tip #1.5. This is the tip that I also like to use for piping text (or even #1 if the text is tiny).


Because all that piping was intense, I needed to break up the set with a few 'accent' cookies (or cookies that are easier to make). Like this rainbow Happy Birthday cookie. I used a stencil...can you believe it!?

Here's a quickie Instagram video on how I made it. You'll want to try this. It's cool and easy! 


Having fun making rainbow birthday cookies 🌈 💗

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Create this cookie using the Happy Birthday Script Stencil and the Icing Scraper.

Then there is this cake slice. Nom nom nom.

But the cutter that really stole my heart was this tall, skinny present. I just love it like a pig loves mud.

To make those simple loopy bows on top...check out Wilton Tip #44 to make those. Yes, they are as easy as they look.

So now that I have paraded these adorable cookies in front of you, you may wish to check out these cutters for yourself! They all available in the NEW LilaLoa cutter set!! I can wait to try out the rest, like that bird!!!! 

I'd love to hang out and chat more about cookies, but I'm super busy packing and planning to teach at CookieCon in two weeks!!

Happy Decorating,