How to Pipe Text on Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

My friend Julie just had a baby girl and I'm so excited for her family. I wanted to make her some special cookies to celebrate all the new snuggles that are about to happen! Snuggling babies in footie pajamas might just be the best thing this side of heaven. 

I recently used this footie pajama cookie cutter from Ann Clark cookie cutters and fell in love. And to go with the footie pajama cookies, I added a plaque (and a little wit) with 'The Snuggle is Real' cookie.

I will be demonstrating this footie pajama and the baby bottle LIVE (noon EST) on facebook today Feb 13th. But, I think it might also be helpful to show the Snuggle plaque and give some tips on piping text.

When using a really specific font like this, it is helpful for me to use a projector. (This font is Magnolia Sky, available on dafont.com, but is for personal use only. Be sure to donate to the author if you use it) In this video I'm using a Pico Projector. I have a small USB drive that I use with my Pico Projector. Click here to find the projector, tripod,and hdmi plug on Amazon. 

**You won't see this in the video...to set up the projector, I save the graphic on the drive and then plug it into the Pico (but many decorators use the mini HDMI adapter to plug directly into an iphone or ipad). Usually before I decorate I need to:

(1.) flip the projection image (in settings) so it's not upside down. 
(2.) adjust the focus. 
(3.) make minor tweaks to the height of the tripod (to size correctly on the cookie).

For more details on Pico projectors check out Baking Sweet Hope. Anita is the cookie gadgeteer and has lots of helpful cookie gadget videos, including an in-depth Pico tutorial - click here to watch her YouTube video!

Are you ready to check out the video and see this cookie in action?

Consider these factors for piping text...

The two BIGGEST factors when piping text is hand pressure and icing consistency. The graphics in the video share when when to use strong hand pressure and light. The icing is a medium/soft peak piping consistency for nice icing flow.

Tip Size Matters...

Also, I'm using tip #2 because this is a large cookie. If I was piping in a smaller area I would size down to a #1.5 or #1 (still using varying hand pressure and medium icing consistency) These recent 'I a-dumbledore you' cookies are a great example of a SMALL cookie with a BIG word...so I used tip #1 (and my pico) to pipe these.


Let's talk projectors a little bit more...

I like the Pico compared to the KopyKake because it is BRIGHTER. I can use it with the lights on. It's also small (such a space saver). And, it is generally cheaper than a KopyKake. Now don't get me wrong, I still love my KopyKake. It is often easier for me to use with one of my own sketches (it's so low tech and EASY). But this Pico definitely wins in a lot of important categories.

If you like how the 'Snuggle' text looks, you can click and download a version here. Use it with your Pico or print and use with a Kopykake.

And don't forget to join me TODAY (Feb 13) on the Flour Box Bakery facebook page for a LIVE demo to the bottle and pajama cookie. I'll add this video to YouTube as well and post a link here too.

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These are the Chefmaster colors I used in this set: deep pink (for both shades of pink), sky blue, golden yellow, and bright white. See the full collection of liqua-gel colors - click here

Happy Decorating!