How to Use Wilton Icing Tip #13

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, June 22, 2017

On last week's blog post, we explored some fun uses for Wilton Tip #44. This week we are going to take a closer look at all the fun things Wilton Tip #13 can do.  Check out the close up photos and videos below to see this tip in action!! You can view this tip in our shop - click here!

Tip #13 is a rock star. It is the smallest of the star tips available from Wilton. Here are some of my favorite ways to use it.

From left to right, top to bottom, I used tip #44 in the following ways:

1. This tip is perfect for a shell border decoration on a birthday cake. I have used it on birthday cakes and cake slices! No video for this one, but here are a few more examples of this shell border. Doesn't that texture look so yummy?


2. The scarf on this Chilly Penguin Cookie uses tip #13. This is such a QUICK way to pipe the scarf and is such a time saver. Plus, keeping the icing a little stiffer with tip #13  adds such a nice texture to this detail. Watch the video to see it in action:


3. This tip is great for creating ruffles, like on this party hat and clown cookie. The party hat cookie is part of my online class Celebrate with Cookies. You can check out this in-depth online class - CLICK HERE TO SAVE 50%. 


4. This adorable Mermaid Cookie features tip #13 for her little seashells. It's quick and cute! Check it out!


5. The star tip #13 is also great for creating tight little rosette accents, like on this ballerina tutu cookie. 


6. Not only can Tip #13 make cute roses, but it can also make a cute bow too! 


7. Look how tip #13 creates this Ice Cream scoop 'fluff'!


8. The tassel on the Grad Cap. Does that cookie shape look familiar? It's the cupcake - see it here!


9. I have also used a star tip for hair. Like on this Unicorn Cake Cookie. (also works for horses too!)


10. Use tip #13 for Rainbow Detail and Hair and Eyebrows, too!

11. Ribbons!!! This tip makes the quickest cutest ribbons, like on this wreath cookie design!

12. Dress swags, like on this Princess Gown Cookie. Notice those cute little rosetters...yep, also star tip #13!! <3

I hope you enjoyed this closer look on how to use Wilton's tip #13!

Stay tuned for more fun 'Icing tips' coming this summer!

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Happy Decorating!