It's been a BIG YEAR of CHANGES for The Flour Box!!

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, November 7, 2019

No doubt, it's been a big year of changes for the The Flour Box. Here's the lowdown on what we've been up to in 2019...

This video is a great overview, BUT, if you want the nitty gritty details, scroll down to read the full post!

We moved the shop! 

In June, we packed up the kids and the cookie cutters and moved to a new, bigger space for both family and business. Our new location is in Centre Hall, PA - about 15 minutes from our old place. 

We are loving it here! We took the summer to renovate the shop and classroom area and it is so dreamy. We are still an online retailer (not a traditional shop), but teach live cookie classes in our classroom!

The new space is a happy place!

We changed our name and logo 

As part of being more focused in our business, we changed our name from Flour Box Bakery to The Flour Box. That's right, the bakery portion of the business is stepping down as we focus on bringing you great tutorials and supplies! You can find us online at www.flourbox.com.


We redesigned our website

It's so sparkly and new and amazing to use! Let me point out some of the highlights.

The Cookie Decorating KIT Page

On these pages you can learn and shop all at the same time. We add at least one new kit a month. These kits have the essential CUTTERS and STENCILS and a few BONUS tools to create a beautiful cookie set without the stress! And kits are cool because they save you 10% on the items featured in the kit!

Every kit page has a free step-by-step video, free downloadable templates, free icing guide, and tons of bonus cookie decorating tips!

And, it's easy to buy the complete kit with one click. But, if you already have some of the items in the kit, you can also shop a la cart. Just click ADD from the kit list and it goes right to the cart! So easy!

The Homepage Features

The homepage is packed with tons of features! Want to find the newest cookie kit? Sign up for the email list? Buy a decorating essential? Or see our best sellers of the season? You can DO IT ALL from the homepage of www.flourbox.com! Use the menu at the top to quickly jump to a specific collection!

Shop by Occasion

Another amazing improvement with www.flourbox.com is the ability to SHOP BY OCCASION! If you’re making cookies for a specific holiday or celebration and want to see ALLLL the cutters, stencils, and products with that theme, you can! That’s right! This category has all the options mingled together so you can get tons of inspiration. Now you can shop for your turkey stencils and cutters all in one place – it’s so convenient!

Change is easier with friends!

I eat an English Muffin every day for breakfast. I love it. I love routine. Habits give me comfort. So needless to say, I've been out of my comfort zone this year. 

All this change was a team effort - so thank you to our amazing team AND customers! Thank you Topher, Grace, and Cecelia for supporting my cookie dreams. Thank you Kristyn, Stacy, and Amy for being by my side during all these changes. Thank you Janet, Andy, Anne, Tim, Pete, and Natalie for being your own experts so I can focus on the cookies! And thank you to all Flour Box customers!! We love serving you!

Send us Feedback!

We are excited to see how these changes impact your learning and shopping experience. I invite you to send your feedback to hello@flourbox.com!

The best news? The year isn't over yet! We have 4 more NEW DECORATING KITS coming in the next few weeks and a really amazing Black Friday plan. So keep in touch and let me know how we can support your cookie decorating adventure!

Happy Decorating!