Kitten Tea Party Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Monday, August 28, 2017

One of the challenge's of running a cookie business is that my girls see tons of cookie ideas pass through the bakery. And, when it comes to THEIR birthdays it's a big production to put together the cookie plan. 

So this year, for Cecelia's 6th birthday party, she asked for a kitten tea party! How did I do? I made mini cookies, custom cake toppers, and teacup and teapot cookie favors!! Check out the details below!

And of course there were a million other things going on this same week. I did find a few minutes (during the girls piano lessons) to sketch out a few ideas.

I loved making these cookies... here's a close-up of the teacup and teapot cookies.

I used these teacup and teapot Ann Clark Cutters: Click here to view them in our shop!

There was 'tea' at the party. Here's the birthday girl pouring tea (raspberry lemonade) for her friend. 

These custom cake toppers were a highlight at the party!

I purchased clipart from Jessica Weibel, Miss Kate Cuttables, and the Lovely Memories. I merged the images together to make the toppers...

Then I cut them out of the dough by hand. A little extra work, but it was worth it for only three cookies!

The finished cookies were similar (but not exact). I decorated as best as, but it was 10 pm, so I was rushing a little bit. 

This was my favorite, the cake with cake!

I also made a cat pouring tea...

 And, a kitten balancing 3 teacups on her head!

If you're wondering if the extra effort was worth...that is a YES! 

3+3 = 6!

And the next day, when all the guests have left and the party is over, there is still a very special treat to enjoy <3

I hope you enjoyed this peek at Cecelia's celebration!!!

Happy Decorating,




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  • Sandra Swift

    Oct 11, 2017

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the kitty tea pot and tea cup cookies. First question, do you ship the cookies? If so, second question, can you make the kitties look like a bride? My step-daughter is getting married and wants a Kitty Tea Party Bridal Shower. Thanks much, Sandy

  • Graciela

    Aug 28, 2017

    Omg, love them, hopefully one day i can make some like those beautiful cookies

  • Jessica

    Aug 28, 2017

    That cat teapot is adorable! My little girl would love this theme too. She’s already planned to be a kitty cat for Halloween :-)

  • Judy Strome

    Aug 28, 2017

    Too cute! What a fun party for your beautiful daughter!

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