Making Valentine Animal Cookies: Pig, Skunk, and Hedgehog

Posted by Anne Yorks on Thursday, January 31, 2019

If you love puns, then animal cookies are perfect for Valentine’s Day! And just in time for the holiday, the new Sugarbelle Animal Shape Shifters Set just landed. In this tutorial, I’m going to show you the step-by-step of the Pig, Hedgehog, and the Skunk. Take a look!

Check out this video tutorial for an in-depth look at these 3 designs.


This video features the cutters from the Animal Shape Shifters Set. This set includes 12 cutters that can be flipped into multiple designs!

Not only are the cutters sturdy, creatively designed, and dishwasher safe...the really neat thing about the Sugarbelle sets is that it comes with instructions cards for each cutter and a nifty templates to help make the decorating process easier. So with a quick flip….a new design can be created! FIND IT IN THE SHOP HERE!


Typically the Sugarbelle cutters are approximately 3.5”. Due to this consistent size, it’s easy to plan the baking. I find I can get 18-20 cookies from a single batch of dough with most Sugarbelle Cutters. CLICK HERE to get our cookie recipe and to get rolling and baking tips.


This tutorial showcases 3 animals…all simple in color scheme. I love using the color directly from the bottle when decorating (no color mixing) to speed up the process. CLICK HERE to view the full line of Chefmaster colors. I used these colors on the cookies:

Skunk – super black (my preferred method of achieving a gray icing is to use a small dollop of black icing in white), bright white, and deep pink (but in a pastel shade)

Hedgehog – buckeye brown (for the medium brown color), buckeye brown + ivory (for the light brown body color), and deep pink (but in a pastel shade) for the heart.

Pig – Georgia peach in 2 shades and deep pink (but in a pastel shade for the heart on the chest)

ICING QUANTITIES – For each cookie, I planned on an ounce of icing, so I made twelve pigs and made 12 oz of the peach. I had a bit of icing leftover (but I don't like running out. I'll either toss the leftovers or store in the fridge/freezer). For an in-depth look at icing planning CLICK HERE to read this blog post. CLICK HERE for a ROYAL ICING RECIPE.



CLICK HERE to download the hedgehog template.

CLICK HERE to download Skunk Transfer Sheet:

CLICK HERE to download Heart transfer Sheet


Special Tips and Tools

There are two ways to add the kisses to the hogs...markers or a lips candy!

I also tried two different versions of the Hedgehog. One with a Royal Icing Transfer and the other with a mini heart cookie. I liked both! But, my daughter loved the cookie stacker! It does have more dimension! 

Just Flip It!

The coolest part of this cutter set is the versatility of each cutter. Take a look at the skunk...same icing colors, but just flipped and you can make a cat! It's purrrr-fect for cutter lovers!

Packaging, Boxing, and Treat Toppers - Oh My!

If you want to just decorate cookies, but avoid piping too many words, use fun packaging to get the message across. I did a quick search on Etsy and found these cute options:

This Hogs & Kisses topper comes from Drawn By Krista.

You're Stinkin Cute Tags from Polka Dot Designs

Hedgehug Valentine's Day Card from HappeninHooligans (this is the 9" white window box from www.brpboxshop.com)

And you're boxing up a dozen...I suggest the 14" White Window Box from BRP.

Materials List



That's all for today. Post questions!!! Signing off with a cute HedgeHUG! 


Happy Decorating!