New Chefmaster Colors

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

We are so excited to be launching a NEW line of color in the shop - Chefmaster! CLICK HERE to check out all the color options!

Chefmaster is recognized by baking professionals as a premier color choice. The Chefmaster liqua-gels are VIBRANT high concentrated colors that will not break down icing. They are fade and bleed resistant. They are also gluten free.

We are excited to be carrying them in TWO sizes: the .70 oz dropper top bottle size, and the 2.3 oz twist/dropper top bottle size. Both sizes offer a large color selection.

There are several KIT options too. In the .70 oz size there is an 8-color kit option.

There is a 12-color kit option.

And there is a NEON kit with 6 colors!!

We also have a 12-color kit option in the 2.3 oz size.

Chefmaster also has a large airbrush color selection. We carry them in two sizes. The smaller .67 oz size is available individually and features standard, neon, and metallic colors. See the full selection - click here!

The larger 2 oz size is available in a kit. 

As we continue to use these colors in tutorials, we will list and link to the colors used! Please get in touch and email anne@flourboxbakery.com if you have any specific questions about colors!

Happy Decorating!