New Online Class with Chibo - BEE COOKIES

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, February 18, 2020


On March 16th, Anne will be teaching a live, online class with Chibo (a division of GE Appliances)! Learn how to make 4 cookies from this set: the Cute Bee, Beehive, Dottie Daisy, and Honey Jar!

Chibo is cool because it is INTERACTIVE! The decorating is in REAL TIME! And you can watch and learn from ANYWHERE! 

Here's how it works:
1. Register for the online class with Chibo for $30 - click here!
2. [optional] Pick up the Bee Cookie Decorating Kit to help get ready for class (FIND IN SHOP)
2. Prep cookies and icing before class starts using the prep guide from Anne.
3. Jump online at 630 (EST) on March 16th and decorate Cute Bee Cookies together!! The class is interactive, so ask questions and talk with Anne while you work!



This Cute Bee Cookie Decorating Kit was created for the March 16th online class hosted by Chibo and The Flour Box! Register for the class and decorate along with Anne from your own home (click here to sign up for the class! The cost for the class registration is $30). This LIVE class is interactive, so come with questions! Get ready for the class with this bundle!

The Bee Kit includes these cutters: Chunky Daisy (used for both the bee and the dottie flower), Beehive, and Small Mason Jar. Also included is a yellow foodoodler marker, 5 Wilton #2 tips, 1 Wilton #1 tip, 10 tipless bags, 5 couplers, thingamagenie tool, and 5 Chefmaster Food Gels: White, Deep Pink, Lemon Yellow, Black Diamond, and Sky Blue. When you register for the class, you will be emailed a class prep guide including a printable template for the bee cookie.

Find in Shop - Click Here!


Once you register for the class, you will be emailed a Prep Guide for class. This guide includes the icing and cookie recipes, icing color suggestions, and the bee template! It's pretty nifty. Since the class is on a Monday evening, I suggest you prep for class over the weekend :)



In the Bee Class, students will learn how to decorate a Cute Bee, Beehive, Honey Jar, and Dottie Daisy cookie. This class would be ideal for a decorator with limited experience looking to expand their knowledge of royal icing consistencies and techniques.

In Class, we will talk about: 

  • Piping and Flooding Basics
  • Icing Consistency Review
  • Using a Template (cute bee)
  • Creating Dimension with Royal Icing (Beehive)
  • Wet-on-wet polka dots (Daisy)
  • Wet-on-wet stripes (Bee)
  • Wet-on-wet dimension (Honey Jar) 

It's going to be SO MUCH FUN! I hope you'll join me on March 16th. Click here to register for class!


  • Chefcart

    Apr 18, 2020

    I am a learner of cookiedecorator, I follow all of your post. I am fall in love those awesome kits.

  • Diana

    Mar 19, 2020

    How do I get my templates to print out in the regular size? Mine all print out too big…like the complete size of the paper. Any tips on maybe changing settings on my new printer might work.

  • Kara Martin

    Mar 07, 2020

    I missed the class registration. :( Now it is sold out. I purchased the kit with the cutters already. Will it be offered again?? fingers crossed*

  • Martha Bryson

    Mar 03, 2020

    I am like the other lady, I save the pdf files and all I have printed at Staples turn out too big. I have ordered all your kits but don’t have any of the images. Maybe you could start offering the images as an add on to the kit. I love your kits. I always make the easy ones as soon as I get them. I am a beginner cookie decorator and follow all your blogs. I buy stencils from the Cookie Countess but can’t get by without your kits.

  • Stacey Wessman

    Feb 27, 2020

    Just bought kits for bee cookie class (registered for class too) and happy easter cookie decorating. The pdf for the bee seemed to print out fine—it’s about 3 1/2 " tall. BUT the templates for the bunny, basket, carrot are huge. WHAT SIZE SHOULD THEY BE? How should I try to print them? Can you share in a pdf so that the size is accurate.I love your cookie designs and kits and tutorials. THANK YOU

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