NEW Sugarbelle Cutters and Tools

Posted by Anne Narber on Monday, October 23, 2017

The new Sugarbelle is FINALLY here and we are so excited about these new cutters and tools. Here's a closer look on what has been released (and we have it all in our shop - click here to check it out!)

The Stencil Snap

Sweet Sugarbelle Stencil Snap Frame holds your stencils perfectly in place.  A unique adjustablesize magnetic stencil holder allows you to use a variety of different stencil sizes (from 3 x 3" to 5 x 9") to easily stencil small cookies or multiple cookies at once! Includes 8-piece stencil frame, a silicone mat, and icing spreader.

Alphabet Cutter Set

The amazing Sweet Sugarbelle Alphabet Cookie Cutter Set includes: 24 cookie cutters (3 of these make multiple cutters) and 3 recipe cards.  This fun and unique alphabet cookie cutter set can help you spell out all of your life's moments.

Pop-up Bake Shop Kit

Sweet Sugarbelle Cookie Pop-up Bake Shop Carrier/Stand transforms from a compact carrier into a tiered cookie display stand.  Store, transport, and display your cookie creations in style!  Size: 14"x14".

Sugarbelle Snack Time Cutter Set

 Sweet Sugarbelle Snack Time specialty kits comes with an pretzel and ice cream cone cookie cutters, 2 templates, and 1 instruction card. 


Cactus Cookie Cutter Set

Sweet Sugarbelle Cactus specialty cutter kit comes with a potted cactus and cactus cookie cutters, 2 templates, and 1 instruction card.    

Sugarbelle Birthday Cookie Cutter Set (8 cutters)

Sweet Sugarbelle's Birthday Cookie Cutter Set is more than just an assortment of cookie cutters. Create an assortment of birthday cookies with these 8 cookie cutters.  The set includes: 8 cookie cookie cutters, 8 templates and 2 instruction cards to help your creative cookie decorating started! Cutter shapes:balloon, cake on stand, present, candle, cupcake, party hat, and plaque. 


Sugarbelle Basic Tools Set

A $70 value! Sweet Sugarbelle Basic Tool Kit includes everything you need to create your cookie masterpieces.  Kit includes: 25 piping bags, 4 tips, 4 couplers, 2 large bottles, 2 small bottles, 4 cookie cutters, 8 templates, 1 instruction card, offset spatula,(2) 2-1 decorating tools, cookie/food pick, bottle spatula, 8 bag ties, spray bottle, and 2 food markers. Size: 14"x14".

Cake Top Cutter Set

The Sweet Sugarbelle Cake Top Cutter Set includes large cookie cutters allowing you to turn any cake into a fully edible creation! This cake top cutter set includes 6 cutters, 6 template cards and 3 recipe cards. Cutter shapes: pineapple leaves cutter, double sided ear cutter, unicorn horn cutter, and candle cutter.

Deluxe Shape Shifters Set

Sweet Sugarbelle's Shape Shifters Cookie Cutter Set is more than just an assortment of basic cookie cutters. The set includes: 18 cookie cookie cutters, 40 templates, 2 edgers, 11 instruction cards, 3 recipe cards, 12 piping bags, 2 bag ties, 1 (#2) icing tip, 1 coupler, 1 food marker, 1 2-in-1 tool, and 2 4oz bottles. to help your creative cookie decorating started! Cutter shapes: heart, boy/girl, candy corn, pencil, plaque, balloon, paisley, girl, cake, tulip, flip flop, snowman, gift box, house, tomb stone, head, ice cream cone, and egg. Click the photo to enlarge and see cutter inspiration. 


I've already starting use these new cutters! Check out this cute video using the two cake cutters from the birthday set

These were super fun to make!

Happy Decorating!





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  • Desrae Lubbe (van Dyk)

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  • Pat rivera

    Aug 25, 2019

    How can I order your sugarbelle basic tools set and the deluxe shape shifters set .

  • Pat rivera

    Aug 25, 2019

    How can I order your sugarbelle basic tools set and the deluxe shape shifters set .

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