SMART COOKIE - new Craftsy class now available

Posted by Anne Yorks on Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NEW Online Craftsy class now Available!! 

Hooray! My NEW online Craftsy class, Smart Cookies, is now available! Smart Cookies is all about navigating the cookie process better, faster and more efficiently! It covers so many topics including: designing cookie sets, creating a cookie timeline, planning for icing, saving time with quick techniques, all while keeping the JOY in decorating! Plus, it is packed with lots of fun cookie demos!!! Read more below for a sneak peek into a few of my favorite class lessons!
Check out the video trailer to get a sneak peek at the class!

Here's a breakdown of the class by lesson: 

Lessons 1 and 2

The first two lessons focus on designing and planning cookie sets that not only look great but take less time to complete! I'll walk you through my design process from brainstorming to sketching. Then in Lesson 2, I'll show you how I set up my cookie timeline, whether I'm making a few dozen cookies or 200 cookies!

Lessons 3 and 4

After I walk you through the planning process, lesson 3 will focus on some of my favorite time savers for decorating all while keeping designs consistent. Lesson 4 is all about the icing. I'll review icing consistencies, how to plan how much to make by color, and drying cookies! 

Lessons 5 and 6

Lesson 5 is one of my favorite lessons of the class. I review airbrushing and royal icing stenciling and show how it can save you time and add beautiful, yet easy, projects to any cookie collection. Then, once the cookies are complete, lesson 6 focuses on packing and presenting your cookies, including my best tips on how to ship your cookies anywhere!

Lesson 7 

Cookie demos are mixed in as I move through each lesson. But Lesson 7 is JAM PACKED with cookie tips as I finish showing how to create each cookie from my three class sets!

How Craftsy works!

If you haven't taken a Craftsy class yet, I think you're going to love it! Both of my classes are organized into 7 lessons, each broken down by topic. The Craftsy platform allows you to watch, stop, re-watch and make notes as much as you need! Plus, you can ask ME, the instructor, questions. I'll be checking in frequently to make sure all questions are answered.

The class also features my icing and cookie recipes, templates for several of the projects, icing practice sheets, and a materials list. 

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I left the "real world" in 2007 to be a stay–at–home mom. As a self–taught baker, I spent years decorating cookies and tweaking my recipes for loved ones' weddings, parties, baby showers and beyond. All that practice finally paid off when I opened the successful Flour Box Bakery in my home town of Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. Now, I'm happy to share my tried–and–true tips and cookie techniques with you, right here on Craftsy.