Summer Recap

Posted by Anne Yorks on Wednesday, August 23, 2017

It's hard to believe the summer is coming to a close and the craziness of back-to-school and the busy holiday cookie season is upon us. If your summer was as crazy as ours, you know it is hard to stay up-to-speed on the latest products and tutorials. So we created this summer recap, just in case you missed what we were up to this summer! This summer we created 14 video tutorials, added dozens of new products, added a new full line of food color, released a Flour Box Bakery cookie cutter, and offered some fun new blog posts of our favorite decorating tips.  Scroll down for lots of cookie fun...

1. We added 14 new video tutorials this summer!

This summer we created 14 NEW video tutorials (we now have more than 150 free video tutorials!!). Did you catch them all? Click on the title to check out the video - Watercolor Rose, Mermaid, Mermaid Tail, Crayon, Apple, L-O-V-E, Soccer Player, Sprinkles Birthday Plaque, Ice Cream Sundae, Cat, Rainbow, Unicorn Cake, Rainbow Unicorn, and Unicorn Poop!

2. We added a new full line of gel and airbrush colors to our shop!

One of the biggest additions to our shop this summer was adding the new Chefmaster Liqua-gels and airbrush colors to the shop. Chefmaster is food coloring at its finest. The Liqua-gels mix easily and come in a broad spectrum of vibrant colors for all your creations. It's easy to add coloring to icing with the squeeze bottle that has a convenient twist top/dropper style lid. These highly-concentrated colors are nut free, kosher, and gluten free. These vibrant colors will not break down icing. They are fade and bleed resistant. And they are easy to clean up! Check out the full line of Liqua-gels (click here) and the full line of airbrush colors (click here).

3. New Ann Clark Boxed Sets

This summer we also added 24 boxed cutter sets from Ann Clark!! Most of these sets feature 5 cutters for only $7.95....it's an incredible value! The most popular sets have been TRIBAL, WOODLAND, NUMBERS, PLAQUE, OCEAN. SEE ALL 24 SETS - CLICK HERE!

4. Dozens of NEW cutters and stencils!!!

Throughout the summer we added DOZENS of new STENCILS and CUTTERS. And it is even easier to see what is new because we have organized all the NEW STUFF in its own category. We will continue to keep this section of the site up-to-date so it is easy to see what we are adding each week! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW STUFF!

5. Countess Decorator Rack and Airbrush system.

We now carry the Decorator's Drying Rack ($15.99) and the Countess Airbrush System ($114.99) in our shop! Click here to view them online!

6. A guide to boxing your cookies!

A frequently asked question is 'What box size should I use for my cookies?' Here's a new blog post that explores several of my favorite boxes. Most come from BRP Box Shop and if you click on the box title, you can view the actual product on their site. Click to read more ....

7. A guide to using Wilton Tip #13

Wilton's Icing Tip #13 is a ROCK STAR when it comes to piping rosettes, ruffles, shell borders, scarves, hair, and more! Check out this new blog post to see TWELVE ways to use this versatile tip - Click to read more ....

8. A guide to using Wilton Tip #44

One of my favorite 'specialty' tips is Wilton's tip #44. It's a wide and flat tip that is traditionally used in cake decorating for basketweave. But I love this flat tip for so many applications on cookies. It saves me time piping a quick detail verses trying to pipe and flood such small areas. Check out the videos on this new blog post to see this tip in action!!  Click to read more ....

9. We released a Flour Box Bakery Cookie Cutter (the sundae/mermaid)!!

This release was beyond exciting! Check out the videos here: Mermaid and Ice Cream Sundae. The cutter can be found in our online shop here.

10. We adopted SPRINKLES!!

And just in case you thought our summer was all about work work work....our family adopted a kitten from a local shelter. Meet Sprinkles, the sweetest most playful cat!

So as we say farewell to summer, we are looking forward to the fall and upcoming holiday season. There are some fun surprises coming: many new video tutorials, a new online class, a new ebook, and so many amazing new products - including a new BIG release coming in October from Sugarbelle!!!

Happy Decorating!