Willy Wonka Cookies

Posted by Anne Yorks on Saturday, February 15, 2020

So are you a Gene Wilder or a Johnny Depp Willy Wonka fan? Me? I'm a little of both. I loved both movies and so making these cookies for my daughter's school play was a total blast!

This has been a tricky week (valentine's cookies + CookieCon booth prep), so sadly, no videos of these fun cookies. But here are a few tips on how I created them!

Does the Willy Wonka cutter look familiar?

It's the nutcracker from the Sugarbelle Here Comes Santa set (on clearance from the holidays for $7.99 right now!)

As a side note, these Christmas cookies are fun to make! I made these for my daughter's youth group Christmas party...



The real fun of the project was in making the candy!

I think even Willy Wonka himself would be impressed with these lollipops. I embellished them with the glitter sprinkles. 

Did you eat button candy as a kid? I could never decide of different colors had different flavors or if they all tasted the same. Regardless, I love these papers!

And a Willy Wonka set would not be complete without some golden tickets!

Can you guess what cutter made the Oompa Loompa?

The bell cutter!

Will my sketches help you recreate your own Willy Wonka Cookies? Here you go! Please pardon the lined paper...this was a late night job!


If you recreate these cookies, I would be sooo flattered! Be sure to share a photo or tag me so I can see what you make!

Happy Decorating!!