How to Decorate a Cool Cactus

Repeat after me, "I can create cookies with confidence!" You have what it takes, my fellow cookie fanatic. Just take a deep breath, follow the tutorial step-by-step and have a blast! Happy decorating!

- Anne Yorks, owner The Flour Box
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I made these cookies for a really ‘Cool Cactus’ using the Sugarbelle cutter! Watch the video and learn how to use a royal icing transfer to create the heart sunglasses!

Cookie Yield

This is a medium cookie. For a single batch of dough, you can make about 18-20 of these cookies. I should note that I roll my cookies to 1/4" thick using the Dough EZ Rolling Mat System. The thickness of your cookies will impact your yield.

COOKIE RECIPE: For a cookie recipe and rolling and baking video CLICK HERE - this recipe can be doubled in a KitchenAid Mixer. 

Prepping the Royal Icing


For a single batch of dough, I typically use a single batch of icing. Since I'm using a KitchenAid mixer, I made a double batch of icing and split it in half (reserving half for another project).

This cookie has 5 icing colors. I used Bright White, Deep Pink (one drop for pink flower, and many drops for sunglasses frame), Neon Green + Leaf Green (base color), Leaf Green (squiggly cactus accent), and Coal Black. l don't measure exactly...I estimate. For a more detailed look at icing planning, CLICK HERE to read this helpful blog post.

Sooooo, did you notice that adorable pink flower in the video? 

Use tip #129 to create quick and easy drop flowers! Cute flowers shouldn't take more than a second to make! No flower nails or parchment squares for this cutie!

I used royal icing transfers to make the sunglasses. It's just easier than freehanding. I know the hearts will be the same size each time. And I don't typically get cracks or craters in royal icing transfers. Plus, I can save the extras if I want to make a cool cactus in the future. 

First I planned out the size of the hearts. 


Then I copied the hearts a bunch of times so I could make a bunch of cookies. I used a tipless bag to outline and flood the hearts.

Download this heart royal icing pattern sheet to make the sunglasses!

I added the sparkle and shine with the Bright Silver Crystal Color + White Jewel Dust!


This Sugarbelle cutter is my favorite cactus shape. I also used it to make a Christmas Cactus (click here to see the tutorial).

I hope you enjoyed this closer look at the cactus cookie! 


Recreate these!

I would be so flattered if you recreated these cookies! Be sure to tag @theflourboxshop or use hashtag #theflourbox so I can see what you create!

Happy Decorating!