Gingerbread House PYO Cutter Set


Decorated gingerbread houses are a timeless tradition enjoyed by all ages.  We’re so excited to introduce to you The Cookie Countess new gingerbread house cutter set. 

This kit includes:

  • 3 cookies cutters - 3D printed at The Cookie Countess. 1 serves as the front and back, 1 as the roof pieces, and 1 for the sides

The 3 high quality cookie cutters that fit our selection of seasonal house stencils including the: Christmas Manger PYO Stencil Set and Spooky Shack PYO Stencil Set. These gingerbread house kits are a great activity for parties, family gatherings and children’s cookie classes. They are sure make your holidays extra bright!

A finished gingerbread house will be roughly 4.75" high, 4" deep, and 5" wide

Cutter Care Instructions

After use, carefully hand wash the cutter with warm, soapy water. Do not put cutters in dishwasher. Once clean, fully dry using a soft towel! This will prevent rust and keep your cutters beautiful for years and years!