Flour Box Icing Storage Container Set of 5


With the Flour Box Icing Storage Containers, you can plan your icing like a pro — no more guesswork needed! This genius invention helps make color mixing fast and easy, with its easy-planning LABEL to make sure you always have the perfect amount of icing.

Fill 'em up to the line, then know you can decorate your cookies without worrying about running out of icing. The lines on the label are a general estimate for a Large 3.5"-4" sized cookie. You may need more or less icing, depending on how large or small the cookies are.

Plus, this set comes with a mini PINK Flour Box Icing Spatula so you can mix icing like a boss! (And a helpful instruction postcard to keep on task.) Decorating cookies has never been this easy!

Set includes 5 Icing Storage Containers with lids and custom labels to plan cookie icing measurements for 4, 8, or 12 cookies. Label and container are top-rack dishwasher safe.

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