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Baked to Order

Your order is important to us! And, so is the high quality of our cookies.

We are committed to producing great tasting and looking cookies, meaning we bake them for your order. For this reason, we have limits on the number of cookies that we can produce at a time. We will review your order details and contact you within 48 hours to let you know when it can be added to our baking schedule.

Typically, we need at least 1 week’s notice for ‘cookie gift’ orders and at least 3 weeks’ notice for a ‘cookie favor’ order. While we do ask for a certain amount of notice on all orders…we are always happy to help in a cookie emergency. We will do our best to meet your order needs, but there may be times when our schedule is booked.

To order, simply contact us and fill out the form.

Have a sweet day,

Flour Box Bakery