Ebook FAQ

FAQ for the Ebook: How to Host a Cookie Decorating Class

How do I purchase and download the ebook?
To purchase you will need a valid email address.  Upon receipt of payment you will be directed to a page on www.flourboxbakery.com that will prompt you to download your copy of the ebook. In addition, we will send you two confirmation emails. The first is a confirmation of your order.  The second email message will contain a direct download link in case you need to download the ebook at a later date.

Can I order a print version of the ebook?
Currently, How to Host a Cookie Decorating Class is only available as an ebook in .pdf format. However, if there is enough interest, it is possible a physical copy could be made available at a later date.

What is the format of the book?
The ebook How to Host a Cookie Decorating Class is available in a .pdf format that is compatible with both PC and Apple platforms.  

Can I download on my laptop, tablet, or phone?
It is recommended that you have a stable/reliable internet connection to download the ebook. The file size is 7MB, so a tablet or desktop/laptop computer is preferred, but you can download on a phone. 

What program do I need to read the ebook?
Once you download the ebook, you'll need Adobe Reader to read the .pdf file.  You can download Adobe Reader for free at: http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

My browser opened the PDF in the window, but I want to download it.
Some browsers may open PDF's in the browser window by default. Typically you can hover over the PDF with your mouse and click a button to download. If all else fails, try right-clicking the download link and selecting "Save Link As..."

I can't find my download.
Most browsers give you visible signals that something has been downloaded. For instance, Google Chrome puts downloaded files (by default) along the bottom of the browser window. Additionally, you can typically access your downloads from a 'downloads' menu item, typically in the "Window" or "View" menus. Most of the time downloads go to the folder specified in your browser settings. Please double check where your downloads should go. On mac or PC, this is typically in a downloads folder or the desktop, depending on your settings.

What if it says my download limit is reached?
Very occasionally, browser plugins like ad-blockers can result in reaching a download limit prematurely. If this happens to you, email us at tech@flourboxbakery and we'll send you a direct download link via email.

Can I read this on my e-reader (Kindle or Nook)?
It is possible to send a PDF to your Kindle. This e-book has not been tested with any e-readers or in any additional format, so please let us know how this goes. We haven't released it in e-reader format because we want you to enjoy it in all of it's glorious color! But if enough people request it, we may add it in the future

Will my download expire?
You can download up to 25 times. If you get an error message, please let us know and we can open and resend the link.

What if I hve other questions?
If you have any questions or download issues, please feel free to reach us at tech@flourboxbakery.com.

Thanks and happy teaching!