Flour Box Bakery creates hand-iced sugar cookies that make people smile!

Each cookie is made from scratch and is hand-rolled and hand-decorated. The main ingredients of Flour Box cookies are love, creativity, and dedication to details. Flour Box makes cookies for all occasions and has a large selection of shapes and can do everything from banjos to birthday cakes and ladybugs to wedding gowns.

Owner Anne Yorks started the business in 2007 when she left the ‘real world’ to be a stay-at-home mom and pursue her dreams of owning and operating her own company. A baker since a very young age, Anne is self-taught and has perfected her cookies and recipes over years of trial and error. Baking is Anne’s passion! It is a true dream for Anne to be working in a career that provides her with so much enjoyment. She loves the act of baking and she loves the reaction from happy clients that enjoy her sweet treats. Over the years, Anne’s cookies have played a supporting role in major life events like weddings, parties, baby showers and other special occasions. Nothing gives Anne more satisfaction than knowing that her cookies are making people smile every day!

Anne graduated from Penn State University in 2001 with a degree in journalism. She lives and bakes in Happy Valley in Bellefonte, PA with her husband and daughter. Flour Box Bakery is operated out of her home. The FBB kitchen has been inspected and registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Food Safety. We are fully insured and maintain a healthy and safe environment for cookie baking. While we do not have a retail location, orders can be placed 24/7 on our online shop at!X