Subscription Frequently Asked Questions


Subscription Box and Flour Box Club FAQ

Q: What are the club benefits?

A: Each month club members will receive a special club newsletter/email. This email will give club members access to club-only videos, discounts, activities, events, and more! As part of the membership, Flour Box Club members will get a seasonal subscription box (spring, summer, fall, and winter) shipped to their door!


Q: How do I access club-member videos?

A: Use the links in your Flour Box Club email to access videos on Vimeo. These videos will be private and available only to members. There is a comment section below the video and members can comment, share ideas, and interact with Anne!

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

A: We will be sad to see you go, but we want our customers to have complete control over their club membership. You can cancel by following these steps:

  1. Log into your account and select ‘manage my subscriptions’. 
  2. Select the Flour Box Subscription and click ‘manage subscription’ next to it. 
  3. Scroll down and click ‘cancel subscription’ below the billing information. You can leave feedback and let us know why you’re canceling your subscription. 
  4. Click Proceed and then ‘Cancel My Subscription’. At that time your subscription will be listed as inactive and you will no longer receive boxes or club emails.
  5. If you do not want to receive a next box, you’ll need to cancel your subscription by 11:59 PM EST on the day prior to the charge date. Once a box is shipped, it cannot be refunded.
  6. Canceling the quarterly subscription does not cancel an order. If you cancel your subscription after you have been charged for it that will be the last box you receive.

Q: How do I access my account?

A: Log into your account using the person icon at the top right of the webpage. 


Q: What is in my box?

A: While much of your Club Box will be a delightful surprise, these items will be consistent:

  • At least 4 BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE Flour Box cookie cutters
  • Custom-created stickers
  • Decorating tools and fun cookie stuff!
  • The Official Flour Box Club newsletter
  • A member-only exclusive coupon
  • And so much more!

Before the first ship date of the box, the contents of the box will remain a surprise! Get inspired and feel pampered each season of the year! Each box is curated by Flour Box founder, Anne Yorks, with the cookie decorator in mind. Boxes will have a central SURPRISE theme and items in the box will be unique and custom. 

Q: How is the The Flour Box Club different from the cookie decorating kits?

A: For starters, this isn’t just a box. It’s a legit Club! The Box is just the icing on the cake...or cookie. While your Box will always contain two new cutters, it’s not a cookie decorating kit. Think of it as a Box of Cookie Decorating Delight, Joyful Inspiration and Extra-Special Pampering!


Q: How often will a box arrive?

A: This is a seasonal subscription box, so a box will arrive 4 times a year! The Spring box ships March 15th. The Summer box ships June 15th. The Fall box ships Sept 15th. The Winter box ships Nov 15th, before the holiday cookie craziness.