Cookie Display Mini Square Frame 3 1/2"


Looking for a clever way to display your cookies? Look no further - our Cookie Display Frame has got you covered!

Use the Cookie Display Frame to save and preserve a favorite design, display cookies for business purposes, or give as a gift! They are a mess-free alternative to cookie preservation and display! Frames are reusable. Gently clean with mild soap and warm water and dry thoroughly. Film can stretch to accommodate the cookie shape and lose film can be straightened with a blow dryer on low speed. 

This Cookie Display Mini Square Frame 3.50" x 3.50" has a transparent presentation window that is supported by the base.  This 3D mini square cookie display box window floats your mini cookie between two sheets of transparent flexible membranes and adding the 3D effect display, creating an impressive and eye-catching display. The inside dimensions are: 2.875" x 2.875".

EASY TO USE! Simply push the frame open and place your cookie between the two transparent flexible membranes. Then put it together with the tight-fitting film. The Cookie Display Box will perfectly showcase your cookie.

For display purposes only, not food safe.