Christmas Cookie Party Decorating Kit

Christmas Cookie Party Decorating Kit

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Every year, my family and I decorate cookies. And this year, I've created a kit that has the essentials for you to set up a Christmas Cookie Party! Take it from me, there is no better way to laugh, start traditions, and celebrate the holidays than with decorating cookies!  


The Christmas Cookie Party Kit includes the cookie cutters, tools, icing bags and tips, cute sprinkles, and a pouch of meringue powder to plan a fun afternoon of cookie decorating with a small group of neighbors, family, or friends!

This blog post and video were created  was written to help you prep your cookies and give you tips for the decorating. But don't feel limited by these decorating suggestions. Get creative and have fun!


1. Bake your cookies ahead of time. You can bake up to 3 days in advance (store in an airtight container). Cookies can also be frozen after baking for up to 3 months. Use a in a freezer quality container or Ziplock bag. This allows you to prep for your party when it fits your schedule.

2. Prep your icing the day before. Make your royal icing and store in containers on your counter. Then an hour before your party, bag your icing in the decorating bags. Make two sets of icing to keep all your decorators busy.

3. Plan for guests to share icing and tools. You don’t need to make a set of icing for each decorator. Let people share in groups of 3-4. Not only will this make your prep easier, but it will get your guests interacting and talking.

4. Keep the refreshments easy with store-bought goodies. You’ll be busy prepping the cookies and icing. And you’ll need to prepare your home for decorating, so make the refreshments super easy!

Cookie Yield

For a single batch of dough, you can make about 20 regular sized cookies (about 5 of each). I should note that I roll my cookies to 1/4" thick using the Dough EZ Rolling Mat System. The thickness of your cookies will impact your yield.

COOKIE RECIPE: For a cookie recipe and rolling and baking video CLICK HERE - this recipe can be doubled in a KitchenAid Mixer.  

Prepping the Royal Icing


This set features 4 gels to make the 5 needed icing colors. 

Check out the icing guide below for tips on making the right colors and an estimate of how much of each color you'll need.

For a single batch of dough, I typically use a single batch of icing. Since I'm using a KitchenAid mixer, I made a double batch of icing and split it in half (reserving half for another project).


The Christmas Cookie Party set has 4 gels/5 icing colors (white gel is optional). 


Here is what I suggest making for a single batch.

Christmas Red - 6 oz (pipe and flood)
Leaf Green - 5 oz (pipe and flood)
Buckeye Brown - 4 oz (pipe and flood)
Lemon Yellow - 2 oz (pipe and flood)
White (white gel optional) - 5 oz (pipe and flood)

These amounts are ESTIMATES. When it comes to how much icing to make, l don't measure exactly...I estimate. For a more detailed look at icing planning, CLICK HERE to read this helpful blog post. 


For a royal icing recipe and video CLICK HERE - this recipe can be doubled in a KitchenAid Mixer. 

Host a Party!

Pick up the Kit! It's got the essential cutters and stencils and a few bonus tools!

This kit includes:

  • FOUR (4) cutters: Christmas Stocking with Cuff Cookie Cutter, Ball Ornament Small Cookie Cutter, Gingerbread House Large Cookie Cutter, Christmas Tree with Star Cookie Cutter
  • Gingerbread House Sprinkle Mix
  • 2oz SAMPLE Meringue Powder from Genie's Dream (BAG)
  • FOUR (4) Gels: Christmas Red, Lemon Yellow, Leaf Green, Buckeye Brown
  • (10) Ateco Tip #2
  • (10) Single Couplers
  • (8) Boo Boo Stick
  • (20) Tipless Bags (10 medium 10" and 10 large 13")

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