Cornbread 16oz from Ann Clark


Ann Clark signature cornbread starts with the finest ingredients. Made from organic locally-milled cornmeal at Champlain Valley Milling in Upstate New York,  Mixed with just the right amount of King Arthur Sir Galahad unbeached, never-bromated artisan flour and double-acting baking powder to produce a light and moist, crumbly cornbread with a robust texture and delicious sweetness from cane sugar. It's all-natural, non-GMO and made with pride in the USA. This mix also makes delicious corn muffins. Real cornbread lovers know you can't get homestyle cornbread from a just-add-water mix - that's why Ann Clark's recipe is formulated to have you add milk, eggs and melted butter for that fresh, from-scratch experience. Delicious as is, or follow package tips and tricks like adding sweet corn kernels, honey, cinnamon or even jalapenos to make it even more special.