Flour Box Icing Color Cards Deck


Upgrade your cookie decorating game with the Flour Box Icing Color Cards Deck! This deck of 69 swatch cards lets you preview what gel colors look like when used in icing, with 1-4 drops of each color represented on the back side. Take the guesswork out of your cookie palettes, and mix and match the gel colors with confidence. Bakers are sure to find the perfect hue! (And have some fun while doing it!)

The Flour Box Icing Color Card Deck: This deck features 69 full color swatch cards to help you understand different gel color options and plan your next cookie icing palette.

*Color Card Deck does not yet include the Sugar Art 2.0 gels. They are in process and will be released this fall!

On the front side of the card is a solid color of the gel. On the back side of the card is an image of four heart cookies showing what the icing looks like with 1 drop to 4 drops of gel color. 

Each card features a different food gel from the Chefmaster, Cookie Countess, and Sugar Art brands. To create the cards, tester cookies were decorated using icing colored with the gel. The dot of gel was always added to 1 ounce of icing. Please note: Due to variances in the size of the gel dots, photography, lighting, and printing, colors are not exact, but rather a guide! 

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