InnoPink Innoseal Bag Sealing System


The Innopink Sealer used to close icing bags with a quick twist and and swipe through the sealer to bag icing in re it’s fast time! No dealing with clips or rubber bands! 

Innopink Sealer System:

Tamper Evident Bag Closure: Let the customer know they are the first to open the bag.

Resealable: Enables your customers to reseal the bags if they don’t finish the treat.

Easy to Use: With only one fluid motion, our bag sealing machine is easy and effortless to use.

Food Safety: A tamper evident closure, making it ideal for food safety.

Fast: When you have made over a hundred treats for an event, the last thing you want to do is tie a bow on each one.

Economic: Each roll of tape and paper provides approximately 800 seals. Each sealer will come with one roll of paper and tape pre installed 

Your sealer will come with one roll of paper/tape.