Let's Go Party Decorating Kit

Let's Go Party Decorating Kit

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What is better than PINK and SPARKLES?!? How about a NEW Let's Go Party cookie decorating kit!

They are EASY and fun to make and this set features minimal icing colors!

This tutorial is PACKED with great tips! Not only does it have a nice review of wet-on-wet techniques, learn more about piping in cursive (freehand and using a project). Watch how to add SPARKLE to cookies - and keeping it in place. And with this video, you'll get a closer look at the new Genie Precision Positioning Plate!

This tutorial includes a step-by-step look at all FIVE Let's Go Party cookies.

Cookie Yield

For a single batch of dough, you can make about 20 of the 5 regular sized cookies (about 4 of each). I should note that I roll my cookies to 1/4" thick using the Dough EZ Rolling Mat System. The thickness of your cookies will impact your yield.

COOKIE RECIPE: For a cookie recipe and rolling and baking video CLICK HERE - this recipe can be doubled in a KitchenAid Mixer.  

Prepping the Royal Icing

This is a very colorful cookie set!


This set features 3 gels to make the 5 needed icing colors. I used the Sugar Art Hot Pink in a dark and light shades.

Check out the icing guide below for tips on making the right colors and an estimate of how much of each color you'll need.

For a single batch of dough, I typically use a single batch of icing. Since I'm using a KitchenAid mixer, I made a double batch of icing and split it in half (reserving half for another project).


The Let's Go Party cookie set has 3 gels/5 icing colors. 


Here is what I suggest making for a single batch.

Tuxedo Black (Cookie Countess) - 3 oz (pipe and flood)
Gray - (itty bitty dot of Tuxedo Black (Cookie Countess) - 3 oz (pipe and flood)
Bright White (Cookie Countess) - 7 oz (pipe and flood)
Hot Pink (The Sugar Art) - 4 oz (pipe and flood)
Pastel Hot Pink (The Sugar Art) - 4 oz (pipe and flood)

These amounts are ESTIMATES. When it comes to how much icing to make, l don't measure exactly...I estimate. For a more detailed look at icing planning, CLICK HERE to read this helpful blog post. 


For a royal icing recipe and video CLICK HERE - this recipe can be doubled in a KitchenAid Mixer.

Project Timeline

Plan ahead to enjoy the most success with your cookie project! I break up the decorating process. It works better with my life to do a little each day. Here is the schedule for this cookie project and estimated times on how long each phase takes.

DAY 1 

Mix Dough (30 mins), Chill Dough (2 hours inactive time), Roll and Bake (1 hour), Mix Royal Icing and Prep Icing Colors the day before you decorate (1 hour)

DAY 2 

Outline and Flood Cookies (1-2 hours), Allow to dry in front of fan before adding details (1 hour for standard cookies and 4-6 hours for stenciled cookies). Piping details (1-2 hours). 



For tips on packing cookies, CLICK HERE to check out this helpful blog post with links to my favorite packing and shipping materials.   

Recreate these!

Pick up the Kit! It's got the essential cutters and stencils and a few bonus tools! This kit includes: FIVE (5) cutters: Doll Head Cookie Cutter, Lipstick Cookie Cutter, Shoe Platform Cookie Cutter, Diamond Cookie Cutter, 3.5" Circle Cookie Cutter, Leave a Little Sparkle Wherever you Go! Stencil, Let's Go Party LARGE Stencil, Single Scraper, The Flour Box 2 Pc. Decorating Brush Set, Pink Sugar Art Diamondust Boo Boo Stick, 10 Tipless Bags (5 10" and 5 13")! **kit does not include standard decorating supplies like ingredients, standard tips like #2, or food gels. These need to be purchased separately. See a list below.

Common Tools Needed Not Included in the Kit: 

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