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Pretty Things Pattern Sheets for Royal Icing Transfers


Autumn Carpenter's artwork is duplicated onto 12 high quality food-grade sheets so that you can make your own adorable edible pieces to accent cakes, cookies, and cupcakes. This Pretty Things set includes images of: popsicle, rainbow, ice cream cone, teapot, teacup bow, ribbon, poodle, ballet slippers, Eiffel Tower, clutch purse, purse, wristlet purse, unicorn, tiara, heart, shoulder purse, castle, swirl ice cream cone. These can be used with royal icing, chocolate, or rolled fondant. Pipe royal icing or chocolate directly onto the sheets. Allow the pieces to dry overnight (chocolate dries in a few minutes), then easily remove the pieces from the pattern sheets. Step out instructions included with each set. Each sheet contains multiples of the same design. Sheets are hole punched for easy storage in a three-ring binder. Royal icing recipe included inside.