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Rustic Wedding Cookie Cutter Decorating Kit


I Do! This Rustic Wedding Cookie Cutter Kit was created for an online class hosted The Flour Box! Purchase the recording of the class. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE CLASS RECORDING. The cost for the class recording is $20. The Rustic Wedding cookie decorating kit includes: Love with Diamond Ring, Pillow, Rustic Wedding CakeWedding Bouquet, and Wedding Dress on Hanger, Love Stencil, Single Scraper, (3) Lace 3D Parchment Paper by Intricuts Edibles, Flower Nail, Tip #101,  Boo Boo Stick, Icing Bags, and 5 gel colors: White, Bakers Rose, Buckeye Brown, Golden Yellow, and Forest Green. (kit does not include the couplers, tips #1, or tips #2).

Cutter Size: Love with Diamond Ring measures 2.50" tall x  3.50" wide, Pillow measures 3" tall x  2.75" wide,  Rustic Wedding Cake measures 4" tall x  3.25" wide, Wedding Bouquet measures 4.25" tall x 3 " wide, and Wedding Dress on Hanger measures 5" tall x  3.25" wide.

Design: Enjoy the comfort of the strong handle design and tapered cutting edge!

Cookie Cutter Care: This Cookie Cutter is 3D printed with food safe PLA plastic. HAND WASH cutter with warm water and soap. Do not wash in dishwasher. Heat can warp and melt plastic.

Cutter Care Instructions

After use, carefully hand wash the cutter with warm, soapy water. Do not put cutters in dishwasher. Once clean, fully dry using a soft towel! This will prevent rust and keep your cutters beautiful for years and years!