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What could be HAPPIER than an exclusive club for cookie decorators? 

The Flour Box Club isn’t just another subscription box. It’s a FULL-BLOWN CLUB that celebrates you, your love for cookie decorating, and the amazing cookie community! Club members will enjoy a box full of SURPRISES delivered to your doorstep 4 times a year (scroll down to see the Flour Box Club video and peak inside some boxes!). Each box is centered around a fun theme. PLUS, get up-close and personal with Anne Yorks herself through Club emailslive events, and special exclusive activities. The Flour Box Club will provide year-long inspiration, encouragement and connection with other cookie enthusiasts! All club resources are available to club members on the Dashboard!

When you subscribe, your first box will be charged. See full schedule below for future shipment dates.

Subscription FAQs

What’s in my box?

While much of your Club Box will be a delightful surprise, these items will be consistent:

  • At least 4 BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVE (varies by box theme) Flour Box cookie cutters designed by Anne *insert squeals of delight here*
  • Cookie Stencil
  • Fun Cookie Stuff
  • Assorted Decorating Tools!
  • The Official Flour Box Club newsletter (You will be SO in the know!)
  • A member-only exclusive coupon *insert more squeals of delight*
  • Monthly Giveaway for Club Members only!
  • Club-only decorating guide
  • The Flour Box Club DASHBOARD!

Before the first ship date of the box, the contents of the box will remain a surprise! Get inspired and feel pampered each season of the year! Each box is curated by Flour Box founder, Anne Yorks, with the cookie decorator in mind. Boxes will have a central SURPRISE theme and items in the box will be unique and custom. 

A great question: How is the The Flour Box Club different from the cookie decorating kits?

Answer: Remember, this isn’t just a box. It’s a legit Club! The Box is just the icing on the cake...or cookie. While your Box will always contain at least four new cutters, it’s not a cookie decorating kit. Think of it as a Box of Cookie Decorating Delight, Joyful Inspiration and Extra-Special Pampering

When does my box ship?

The Flour Box Club Boxes are a part of your Club subscription and are automatically charged and shipped to Club members seasonally (every 3 months). 

Here’s the shipping schedule breakdown: 

  • The Summer 2024 box will ship June 17.
  • The Fall 2024 box will ship Sept 16.
  • The Winter 2024 box will ship Nov 15.

Your subscription can be cancelled anytime.

What are the Flour Box Club membership benefits?

Members-only means you’ll get exclusive access to one-of-a-kind products and exclusive connections to Anne and The Flour Box team! Not only will you receive a Box of surprises four times a year (once a season), you’ll also get:

  • Member-only videos
  • Monthly club email (encouragement, activities, and giveaways!!)
  • Member-only activities (like a cookie exchange and coffee dates with Anne)
  • Club Dashboard - a one-stop-shop for all club resources: videos, downloads, and recordings of special events all in one place!
  • Cookie trend alerts
  • Special surprises along the way!

How's this Subscription Box Work??


What Happens When I Subscribe

When you become a Flour Box Club Member, we process your card immediately for the first season, then we ship all boxes according to our seasonal schedule. Following your first box, your card will be charged seasonally (once every 3 months). You will be notified by email before you are charged. You can cancel your subscription anytime - but we seriously doubt you’ll want to miss out on all this fun!


Built with Care

Club boxes will be shipped in a fun, bright (and sturdy) box. These boxes are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when you see one in your mailbox. Our team takes great care to package all items for safe shipping and a beautiful presentation. (Raise your hand if you could use a bit of happy sunshine in your mailbox these days.) It will feel like a gift is arriving at your door. You’ll love unwrapping and unpacking your goodies each season.


Get Members-Only Emails

Joining the club means you get access to exclusive, sweet info! That’s why Flour Box Club members will get a special monthly letter from Anne Yorks with encouragement, recipes, coupons, inspiration, tips and more! You can expect member-only videos and activities! Anne will alert you to cookie trends! And as a member, expect some special surprises and secret coupons along the way!

Still have questions?

Check out our FAQ page!

Is curiosity getting the best of you?!

Interested in becoming a Club member but you REALLY want to know what’s in those boxes? While the box contents are a surprise, here’s a video giving you a sneak peek into what you can expect!

What's included??

The box is just the beginning! The monthly Club emails are literally PACKED with more goodies so you can cookie with confidence and have fun along the way! You’ll receive:

Exclusive content!

Anne creates special videos and tutorials JUST for Flour Box Club members! The value of these videos is crazy good as you learn about creative cooking packaging, cookie flips, and cookie decorating tips and tricks! You’ll have access to all of the videos, no matter when you join the Club! Videos are available on your Club Dashboard board.

Member-only events!

Whether is the World’s Sweetest Cookie Exchange, a Cookie Challenge, or Coffee & Cookies with Anne and Toph, the club will keep you connected!


Anne has given away TONS of cutter sets, Gift Cards, cook cookie gifts, creative crafting kits, and one lucky Club member even won EVERY cookie cutter featured in her book The Crafted Cookie! And there are so many more fun giveaways to come!

Special Club discounts!

You join a club because you want extra benefits, right? Well, you’re going to love all the Flour Box Club discounts we offer in every box! Save money on cutters, supplies, special vendor products and more - all because you’re in the Club!